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Praia Del Rey

Improvements in infrastructures, accessibility and facilities have led to Channel 4's "A Place in the Sun" voting the Silver Coast the Best Place to Buy in the Sun and the 3rd Best Place to Invest whilst the Lisbon Golf Coast has been awarded IAGTO's Golf Destination of the Year 2007 and the Praia Del Rey Golf & Beach Resort, European Golf Resort of the Year 2007.

The Oeste (West) Region of Portugal, just an hour north of Lisbon, is an area of protected and outstanding natural beauty with spectacular cliffs, pristine beaches and local towns and villages steeped in history. Sample mouth-watering local cuisine, in particular the seafood - accompanied of course, by the Region's excellent local wine. The West Region truly has something for everyone.

Within easy reach of the Praia Del Rey resort is the medieval town of Óbidos, a jewel of Portuguese National Heritage. Conquered from the Moors in 1148, the town was traditionally given as a wedding gift by the King of Portugal to the new Queen. Encircled by a ring of medieval walls and crowned by the Moorish castle the narrow cobbled streets are lined with whitewashed houses; shops are piled high with local handicrafts and in the spring, the town is ablaze with bougainvillea. Óbidos also boasts the most spectacular natural lagoon, the ideal spot for sailing, windsurfing or just relaxing by its tranquil waters.

Just off the coast from Praia Del Rey and easily accessible by boat, are the spectacular Berlenga islands, with their towering cliffs sheltering crystal waters. It's the perfect spot for year-round diving or deep-sea fishing.

At Praia Del Rey, with all of this on your doorstep, there is always something new to discover, and every day spent will make it harder to leave.

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